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Sri Lankan coins: ELEPHANT AND 卍. Part Two.

HW Codrington in his supplement to Chapter III has a paragraph Section 11a. He describes two new type of coins or a hydrid and an other type.Many more coins have been found they are published below.

  • Two coins found in Kulmunai division of Batticaloa district.The symbols are normal but with the addition of a new symbol on either side.This symbol in its simplest form consists of a horizontal line;at a point quarter of the entire length from left end a short line projects from lower side diagonally to the left, while on opposite to it is a loop sloping upward in the same direction.

Until a better identification is made will call it an elephant goad, this symbol is also found on the re-struck coins published by DPE Hettiarchchi.

On many of the coins the die is partly off the flan, leaving a blank margin on one side. The thickness of the flan varies, as does also the size of the die ; a number of the coins thus have the design on the obverse compressed, resulting in a squat form of the swastika. These are marked in the following list with a star :-

Diameter Inches Weight Grains | Diameter Inches Weight Grains
1.35 x 0.98 301.6 | *1.22 228.4 Broken
1.45 267.3 Worn | 1.41 227 Worn
*1.29 263.5 | *1.35 217.9
1.33 257.7 | 1.41 210.7 Worn
1.41 256.5 | 1.45 202.5
*1.51 251.2 | *1.35 x .059 199.6 Very worn
*1.33 245.2 | *1.24 198.7 Worn
1.37 244.8 | *1.39 191.5 Worn
1.49 232.5 Worn | 1.27 x .039 150.0 Very worn
1.37 232.0 Very worn | 1.22 l50.0 Worn
| *1.35x .029 l48.0 very Worn
The following are from Kantarodai :–

Diameter Weight
1.16 205.4 Worn
1.16 129.6 Worn ; broken
0.96 102.9 .. Worn ; broken

Variant;-As normal type, but on reverse symbol on left is No. l.
Diameter, l.49 x 0.49 inches weight 247.8 Colombo Mus.49
(b) Parker’s “Anuradhapura coin” (Ancient Ceylon, p. 504). –
Obv. is complete. Above the elephant is back is symbol a, slightly tilted upwards on the left ; close to it and over the elephant’s back is the tree and enclosure. The caitya is in the usual position, but the swastika, which is squat, is placed over symbol a and the caitya. There are groups of three dots (1) to left of tree, (2) to left of head of swastika, and (3) to left of elephant; single dots.(l) to right of swastika railing, and (2) below the caitya.
The reverse is worn.
Diameter mean: l.47 in. Weight :233 gr.
(c) Parker’s ” Mihintale coin’s (ib., p 505) As last.
Obv : Elephant’s tail is not forked ; no dots to left of elephant ; two to right of caitiya, and two to left of swastika rail.
Rev: Three dots to left of caitiya. The variations may be due to wear.
Diameter : 1.3l in, Weight:264gr.
(d) On reverse symbol to right is modified; over but not touching a circle without a dot in the centre the lateral prongs instead of being curved extend horizontally outwards an then turn upwards at right angles. On either side of the circle and beneath the angle of the prongs is a short line pointing downwards and outwards, In the caitya the lower cells are contiguous.
Diameter : 1.41 in. weight 250.5 grs
11. As in normal type, but the side symbols c and dare counter-changed ; the Nandipada symbol has a small triangle projecting on the left side covering the junction of the circle left –pl 8.

Diameter 1.47 in Weight ; 285.8 gr.
Diameter 1.33 in Weight : 255.3 gr.

Variant -As last, but with both symbols upside down. The Nandipada symbol sometimes has a triangular projection similar to that just described on either side. The projection on symbol c is to the right. Colombo Mus 48 ; fine die, corroded green. In good condition on Obv., but worn on rev, Taurines on tree enclosure. Diameter : l.35in. Weight 220.l gr. Pl.9.

Diameter Weight
In. Gr.
Parker’s Tissa coin (ib , p. 503) 1.27 (mean) 220
do 1.22 282.8… Worn
Others 1.39 263
do 1.29 233.2 …Very Worn
do 1.37 209. …..Worn

A set of coins from Tissamaharama Ruhuna purchased by Raja Wickremasinghe.

Плашка кликабельна
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