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Especially for K----l.

  • WARNING!!111!!! This text was written with the help of Google-translator, Яндекс-переводчик & PROMT. If you understand something, thank them. If you do not understand anything, I'm the only one to blame. Successful reading.

4- Can we please have the URL of your LiveJournal?
You are in my LJ.
1- What is a LiveJournal exactly?,, LJ was incredibly popular 10-15 years ago in the World and in Russia. Today, everyone has gone to social networks.
2- What are you using it for?
My LJ exists for a few friends (⩽10 people). These people have known me for a very long time. I want to give them a little good mood and to find producer, company or master 大野 OHNO China.
5- Please tell me more about what you are writing in it?
1- I'm writing about Japan. But not Japan today. In 1972-74 I worked as grandson of the Consul General of the Soviet Union in Osaka. Japan, as I saw and understood it at that time. I was then 11-13 years old, and in Russia then there was communism. Tags/Метки: Япония, , .
2- A little bit about coins and bons. Tags/Метки: .
3- About unsuccessful searches for producer, company or master 大野 OHNO China. Tags/Метки: , , .
4- And different things that seemed interesting to me. Tags/Метки: Приколись! and all the rest.
3- Who can see it?
Anyone who is interested can see it. But I do not aspire to the TOP. My blog for friends, not for fame, not for business:
Today: 27257 place of 100,000 on the Runet. At the peak, I climbed to 17,000.
7- Note that you would in no way be allowed to use our company's email address or my name or personal information, even fragmented.
No problem. Excuse me. I did not mean to frighten You. Everywhere their traditions - I respect them. Funny, You are the first and so far the only one who reacts so. The rest are happy when they are free PR.
6- What fragments would you use?
I do not want to give you any problems. Do not worry. I solved this question.
Always glad to see you in my LJ. Ask any questions. Use the information from my LJ at your discretion.
Always your Иван 「イワン」DOCTOR 「ドクトル」
Россия/Russia/ロシア, Москва/Moscow/モスクワ。

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