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WANTED! 大野 OHNO China! English version.
I would like to apply for some help in my search of information about porcelain items marked 大野 OHNO China. I am really interested in history of those items and now sure what that mark means – producer, company or master:
「Click on picture」
The short story of those items:
Approximately in 1974 in Kobe within strange circumstances, not in the shop and with prices much lower the market ones my family members bought this porcelain set marked  大野 OHNO China. From the very beginning the set was not full. I have made some researches and not much was founded out.
The good thing is, that now I know a lot about Japan porcelain. I am really got involved in the story of it. People, that I spoke with think that it could be some kind of department  of 九谷/KUTANI, or porcelain of KUTANI made for export:
That is proved by circumstantial evidence: http://picclick.co.uk/Japanese-Hand-Painted-Kutani-Ohno-Tea-Set-222305499924.html. Word construction ..-Hand-Painted-Kutani-Ohno-... in address line. Even more KUTANI-OHNO is here.
大野  -  may be the name of the Master, or place of his birth. I know, that is rather popular name in Japan.
The fact that you can still find items in Interned with the same mark shows us, that it is not so rare. And under that label there were produced quite a lot of items.
I would really appreciate any help in my searches! If you know somebody who is a specialist in 九谷/KUTANI porcelain or that part of Japan, that could also help a lot.
My mail:
Всем заранее спасибо/Thank you in advance/どうもありがとうございました。
Иван 「イワン」DOCTOR 「ドクトル」
Russia/ロシア, Moscow/モスクワ。
My thanks to: English translated:
Elena Fine Art Gallery (in Moscow
www.visionsfineart.ru). Thank you for your help.