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Немножко РostСards от Sarin'а Mall'а.

Совершенно незапланированный и неподготовленный высер. Можно сказать экспромт. Я, впрочем как обычно, пребывал в состоянии благородной Лени, когда ВНЕЗАПНО из небытия вывалился сайт Капитан Очевидность Печальный опыт говорит нам, что открывшееся окно возможностей ждать никого не будет - пришло время всё бросать и что-нибудь скопи3,14здить для сохрана контента в веках на радость страждущим. Ну, раз пришло такое время, значит выбора у меня по-любасу нет:

Swastika - Good luck emblem of ancient america
Posted By Sarin on Mar 20, 2013         Latest Hinduism news

In one of my earlier articles, we saw many american swastika greeting cards but nowhere it was mentioned that swastika was a good luck symbol. So, the visitiors may be thinking that swastika was used as a decorative symbol in greeting cards than a good luck symbol. So, in this article, we will see various greeting card where swastika has been explicity mentiioned as the good luck symbol.
Good luck swastika of Apache indians   
Below is the first one of apache indians who not noly mention swastika as a good luck symbol but also explicity describes its origin and history in american culture.
They claim it to be the oldest emblem of good luck as I have been saying repeatedly in my earlier articles.

Good luck swastika

On namah shivaye-Apache indian

Native american photo with Good luck swastika
Next is the 1909 postcard from southwest circa which shows a Native American photo claiming that Indian (Native Americans) believes swastika as a good luck symbol. There is a big golden swastika in the middle with the message to be energetic and hardworking

Swastika, cultural symbol of Indians

Good luck symbol of indians
Below is the 1910 black and white postcard where you can see nothing but swastika with the message of wishing good luck in the Indian way. I think this greeting postcard is alone sufficient to prove swastika as the good luck symbol for the Native Americans. Americans are still reluctant to accept swastika as their ancestor’s symbol. Hope, slowly and gradually, they will realize their roots and respects the cultural symbol of their forefather.

1910 Native American greeting card

Swastika good luck postcard
Below is another Indian card which says swastika as the ancient cross of fortune and good luck. A small poetic quote in this greeting card explicitly mentions swastika (Ancient cross) and four leaf clover to be the symbol of good luck, blessings and fortune by showing a nice golden clockwise swastika on top of a light green four clover leaf.

Early 20th century Good Luck postcard
Good luck Swastika postcard with a beautiful lady
In the above greeting card, swastika was not mentioned directly; instead the word ancient cross was used. In the below greeting card, you can a beautiful young lady in a red dress quoting swastika as a good luck symbol. There is a big greenish clockwise swastika with small anticlockwise swastika at each end of the big swastika.

Image courtesy:

Swastika-The good luck emblem
Swastika was associated with kind thoughts in American culture. It was a trademark of several American companies, ports and athletic teams. Below you can see one more greeting card where the Native Americans proudly declares swastika as their good luck emblem. Along with the good luck wishes, this greeting card states swastika as the world oldest and recognized talisman of good luck

1910 good luck emblem postcard

Swastika birthday wishes in greeting card
Next is the swastika birthday greeting card. This postcard shows a pretty good lady in a green gown surrounded by beautiful golden anticlockwise swastika. It also has the message of swastika as a good luck sign and birthday wishes in fancy letters

1910 Postcard created by H.B. Griggs
Swastika-The symbol of gratitude
Next shows the banner showing Native American husband and wife with rounded beautiful hats quoting swastika to be the sign of gratitude. This banner was used as the greeting card from someone named Powell, as you can see in the signature below.

Swastika-The symbol of gratitude

Swastika-The symbol of success and happiness
The Swastika Cross is the oldest good luck symbol of the world. Below greeting card quotes swastika as the symbol of success, hope and happiness. On the right is the golden swastika with embossed beautiful leaves and at the bottom is the short history of swastika symbol. I guess this greeting card was created by Native American during world war to encounter the evil portrayal of this symbol by german Nazi party.

Swastika-The symbol of success and happiness

Swastika-The symbol of success and happiness
Next is the Greeting card that extends the meaning of swastika as the symbol of good luck and prosperity, exactly as mentioned in Indian scriptures. On the bottom left side and top right side, there are two interconnected horseshoe which is again a good luck symbol. In Indian houses, you will often see such horse shoe hanging on doors or windows.

1910 Greeting card. Image courtesy:
Swastika good luck postcard
Next is the 1907 postcard, copyrighted by E. Phillips, a U.S. card publisher. This publishers talks about the universally high regard of swastika as the ancient good luck symbol before the Nazis corrupted its meaning. This published card mentions swastika as the symbol of 4 L’s - luck, love, life and light. There is a big swastika at the centre with four mall swastika at each end of the card. Again you can see a horseshoe at the top, another India symbol of good luck.

Swastika good luck postcard

Swastika good luck greeting card
In below greeting card meant to address luck to the receiver, we can see different types of lucky symbol with the message “Here’s all the luck in the world for you”. First cat has a horse shoe on neck, I didn’t find anything in second cat, third cat has the good luck symbol swastika and fourth one some form of horseshoe I m not aware of.

1910 good luck greeting card
Swastika good luck greeting card
Some people believe swastika should be forbidden because it is offensive to Jews. There are any Jews in India and they are quite comfortable with swastika and respect the sentiments and belief of Indians. In fact, India ranked among the topmost countries in Jewish population, all of which migrated to Israel after the creation of a separate state in 1948. You can see use of swastika in leftover Indian Jewish houses. Since swastika was also the religious symbol of ancient Jews, They honor the religious iconography of Hindus, Buddhist and jains. Below Greeting card shows the use of swastika by apache Indians in Christmas greeting cards. As it is said in this greeting card, apache Indians were very proud of their American heritage.

Swastika merry Christmas and good luck

Swastika good luck in american army greeting card
Even the American army considered swastika as the good luck symbol. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, the 45th Infantry Division of the U.S. Army, used swastika as their infantry symbol. Swastika found a place in their emblem too. Their emblem quoted "May this good luck emblem protect you well from every bullet, every shell".
45th Infantry postcard from the 1920s
A pleasant greeting card wih swastika good luck symbol
Last but not the least, a very pleasant greeting card with an attractive scenic background. On the right side is a small sonnet which wishes the receiver by referring to the natural beauty of the greeting card. First lines extol the mountain whereas second line praises the blue sky. Referring to red clockwise swastika, remaining lines greets good luck and best wishes to the receiver of this card.

Image coutesy:

This article is intended to reclaim the lost significance and importance of humanity earliest symbol ‘Swastika’. Swastika is derived from the Sanskrit word “svastika”- "su" meaning "good," "asti" meaning "to be," and "ka" as a suffix. Swastika signifies the symbol of good luck, prosperity, peace and fortune. After its association with German Nazi party, this ancient symbol has faced a sad transition from a good luck symbol to symbol of evil and adversity. Swastika is still widely used as a good luck symbol in Asian countries like India, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia etc. This symbol has a great spiritual meaning and significance in Hinduism and its derived religions like Buddhism and Jainism.

Note: Images used on this website are either a production of Bhaktivedanta Book Trust(, Iskcon Foundation or were found in google search under "Free to use and share". If any of the images presented here violates copyright issues or infringes anyone copyright or are not under "Fair use", then please bring it to our notice. Read Disclaimer for more.

Отдавая должное подвижнечеству гражданина SarinMall'а, я с пониманием отношусь к тому, что Свастическая открытка тема обширная и неподъёмная.... для среднестатистического человека однозначно неподъёмная. Дальше других по этому благородному пути продвинулся сайт CardCow Vintage Postcards. - виртуальная коллекция Свастических почтовых открыток на сколько доставляющая, настолько же и не полная. Периодически посещает меня мысль, что надо таки перетаскать её в уютненькое пока светлые люди, что думают за всех за нас, из... ну оттуда, откуда ты сам знаешь, не перекрыли кислород своему народу. ИЧСХ сам маэстро невозбранно пасся на этом сайте. В подтверждение своей платформы, пожалуй и я что-нибудь оттуда уволоку, пользуясь бесконтрольностью и безнаказанностью:
Приколись, какая интересная компиляция получается из этих двух открыток:

Картинка кликабельна
Matilde Josephine Moisant.
Матильда, спору нет, девка героическая, да и пипиську подёргать на такую фотку ни разу не западло, но сегодня другая тема базара. Сегодня мы про почтовые открытки гуторим. В своё время я постарался выловить как можно больше почтовых Свастических Свиней:
Остальное Свинское поголовье прячется там:
В эпоху известных событий случился с австрияками такой конфуз:
Подкреплённый авторитетом Иоганна нашего Вольфганга:

Feiger Gedanken.

Трусливые мысли.

Allen Gewalten
Zum Trutz sich erhalten,
Nimmer sich beugen,
Kräftig sich zeigen,
Rufet die Arme
Der Götter herbei!©
Не пригибайтесь,
Не поддавайтесь –
С вами и боги
Будут тогда!©
За открытки того исторического периода можно ознакомиться здесь: GermanPostalHistory. - Капитан Очевидность как бЭ и не спорит, что это ресурс за историю Германской почтовой открытки. Хороший, годный ресурс.
Неукоснительно следуя 3-му закону сэра Ньютона, определённые действия фюрерчиков породили не менее определённое противодействие:

С днём Победы!
Фотомонтаж художника М. Русинова
ПК 16490. 18 III 65 РПП 10.
З. 93-500000. Ц. 7 к

Валентин Павлович Фокеев "1945 год. Победа".
Издательство "Изобразительное искусство". Москва. 1973. Тираж 40000. Ц. 3 к.
Такое противодействие, что даже всякая недобитая гейропейская сволочь полезла из параш и из-под плинтусов в победители, забыв покаяться и заплатить:
Даже лягушатники и те туда же:
Сколько времени ушло на пустой базар и самолюбование, а сайт уважаемого SarinMall'а всё ещё дышит. Сама судьба говорит: Ты на верном пути, тащи всё, что пока в доступе!1! Видит Бог, хотел остановиться, в благородство поиграть, но сегодня видать не судьба (Текст максимально приближен к оригинальному. За орфографию, пунктуацию и прочие чудеса все вопросы к автору.):

Swastika in american antique greeting cards
Posted By Sarin on Mar 12, 2013         Latest Hinduism news

"The Swastika" is the oldest cross emblem of the world formed by a combination of four "L’s" standing for Luck, Light, Love and Life. One of the oldest swastika is found in Sumerian (Present Iraq) and Ukraine, either of which was part of India or influenced by India millenniums ago. It is very unfortunate that the perception of this auspicious symbol has been tainted so much that it is widely regarded as an evil symbol. However, still there are billions of human, Mostly Hindus and Buddhists, who still regard swastika as a good luck symbol and unhesitatingly, use swastika in their art, house, buildings etc.

1910 American greeting card

The tradition of revering swastika as a good luck symbol was adopted by red Indians, today known as Native Americans. Native Americans used swastika faithfully in their arts, buildings, clothes, quilt, rugs, products, product or company name etc. They used swastika to represent sun, power, life, strength, good fortune and symbol of luck and prosperity.
Christian priests and missionaries today consider swastika as an evil and wicked symbol but you may be surprised to know that a century ago, almost all Christian priests and saints used swastika as the good luck symbol. For Ex: below is the Christmas postcard dated Dec 22, 1909 with postmark of Minneapolis city. In this card, swastika is used as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. Titled at an angle of 45, this bright and golden embossed clockwise swastika certainly augments the richness and attraction of this greeting card

After world war association of swastika with Hitler, US government pressurize “Navajos”, short form for Native Americans, to abandon their cultural good luck symbol swastika. Under extreme pressure, several Native American tribes (the Apache, Navajo, Tohono O'odham, and Hopi) and other non-indian tribes who used swastika as the cultural symbol signed a decree stating that they would no longer use the swastika as their cultural symbol. They stated that they did so since the tourists were reluctant to buy their product as they regarded swastika as the evil symbol.

They stated the following about swastika in the signed decree:
“Because the above ornament which has been a symbol of friendship among our forefathers for many centuries has been desecrated recently by another nation of peoples.
Therefore it is resolved that henceforth from this date on and forever more our tribes renounce the use of the emblem commonly known today as the swastika or fylfot on our blankets, baskets, art objects, sandpainting, and clothing.”
This act indeed depicted the patriotism and love for their country but at the same time, it also depicted how easily the Native Americans abandoned cultural symbol of their ancestors and forefathers compared to Canadians, who resisted the change of their town name ‘Swastika’. Even today, this little flourished town is known as swastika. Check below article for reference
Swastika in Canadian buildings and culture

Originally, swastika was not shown in tilted form, but in the later ages specially in the early 1900’s, tilted swastika was used to enhance its decorative features like the one shown below where you can see an embossed and airbrushed American postcard of the 1905-1910 era, bearing the legend "To Darling Baby," along with a lavender swastika and ornamental bunch of Lily flowers.

I found titled swastika in many greetings card which kinda give me a feeling that they used it more like a decorative symbol than a good luck symbol. I guess tilted swastika was liked not only by Native American but also by Hitler, who used tilted swastika as its party logo. Below is one of such birthday greeting cards of the early 19th century long before the Hitler party came into existence.

You can see a tilted swastika on top of a beautiful rose meant to dedicate love and good luck to the receiver of this card
In American culture, all swastikas were considered positive and its direction and tilt was usually based on how it looked and how it fit the artwork, label, card, etc. It had nothing to do with right is bad, left is good. Doesn’t tilted swastika look nice? If no is your answer than look at this one. This is the seasonal greetings card casually sent to close relatives and friends, especially to the ones who stayed in villages or remote areas.

This is the 1910 greeting card which shows a county house surrounded by fields, stream of flowing water, a pool to pass by and a big swastika surrounded by pinky flowers to represent love, good luck and prosperity
If you still didn’t like this tilted swastika than there is an another one for you. You will appreciate this one especially if you have a special close friend. This is a very colorful card where each word is shown in different embossed colors with word ‘Friend’ written on top of a grass surrounded by hibiscus flowers. On the bottom of left side hibiscus flower is the clockwise swastika, the symbol of good luck and prosperity


Friend word makes the above greeting card very precise which cannot be sent to everyone especially for companies who sends bulk of greeting cards. Such companies used a very generic greeting card like the one shown below which can be sent to everyone. This is the greeting card from the early 19th century where you see a hanging swastika with word ‘Dearest’ at the absolute middle.

Either clockwise or anticlockwise swastika was used as a good luck symbol in almost all antique greeting cards. Below is the greeting card published by Western Publishing & Novelty Company, Los Angeles. On the bottom, you can see a man dressed in Native American costume followed by a series of clockwise swastikas. Just above the Native American picture, you can see anticlockwise swastika.

1920’s Souvenir Postcard of Santa Barbara, CA.

If you don’t know the difference between clockwise and anti-clockwise swastikas then please read the below article
Meaning and significance of Swastika-Hinduism sacred symbol

Using anticlockwise swastika is not considered an auspicious one in Hinduism since it represents dissolution of the universe. However, in Native American culture, it was widely used in greeting cards, may be because they were not aware of its meaning. Below is the 1920 greeting card published by Philadelphia Card Company, mailed in Hanover?

This card shows the Native American fishing in their local county stream surrounded by lush green fields and long trees
In below greeting card, anticlockwise swastika is used to address love and affection

What you like the most? Nature, flowers, scenery, greenery etc.This was the reason why swastika was accompanied by flowers and natural scenes to make the greeting card more attractive and convincing to the buyer.
Below is the greeting card with lots of beautiful flowers in shapes of circles & love and swastika on either side of the card.

Greeting card sent with sincere regards and affection
Below is another greeting postcard with beautiful flowers and green leaves with message of remembrance and good luck. This is the 1920 birthday greeting card with golden clockwise swastika on all corners of the card.

Birth day is the most special day in everyone life. Everyone looks forward to birthdays, be it your own or the birthday of your closed loved one's. No Birthdays is complete without cutting cake and wishes from friends, family, and sweetheart. Most of the time, distant relatives and closed ones stays very far away from you and hence, you can’t express their feelings face to face. So, we generally send birthday greeting cards to do the same. Below is one of such birthday greeting card with swastika symbol to express good luck wishes to the birthday guy

1909 birthday greeting card, Pennsylvania

Below is one more greeting card with sacred clockwise swastika symbol. Though it does not look that attractive, big lavender swastika in the middle does add some level of charmness.

1908 Birthday Greeting card

Second most special day after birthday is New Year day. Everyone enjoys this day to the fullest and those who cannot enjoy with their closed ones send greeting cards wishes to them. Below is one of such greeting card published by International Art Publishing Company having swastika symbol to address good luck and prosperity. Even it has the message “Good luck attend you” this year.

New Year Postcard dated 28 December 1911, New York. Image courtesy:

This article is intended to reclaim the lost significance and importance of humanity earliest symbol �Swastika�. Swastika is derived from the Sanskrit word �svastika�- "su" meaning "good," "asti" meaning "to be," and "ka" as a suffix. Swastika signifies the symbol of good luck, prosperity, peace and fortune. After its association with German Nazi party, this ancient symbol has faced a sad transition from a good luck symbol to symbol of evil and adversity. Swastika is still widely used as a good luck symbol in Asian countries like India, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia etc.This symbol has a great spiritual meaning and significance in Hinduism and its derived religions like Buddhism and Jainism.
Note: Images used on this website are either a production of Bhaktivedanta Book Trust(, Iskcon Foundation or were found in google search under "Free to use and share". If any of the images presented here violates copyright issues or infringes anyone copyright or are not under "Fair use", then please bring it to our notice. Read Disclaimer for more.


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